National Medicare Hospital

& Research Center

OPD Services

We offer consultation services to outdoor patients in wide spectrum of specialties.

  • Cardiology (Heart Diseases)
    – Diabetic Clinic
    – Post CABG Clinic
    – Hypertension Clinic
  • Cardio Thoracic Consultation
  • Dental Care (All type)
  • Dermatology & Venerology (Skin & Sexually Transmitted diseases)
  • ENT (diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Gastroenterology (Stomach, Gut & Liver diseases)
  • General Medicine (Gen. Medical Problems)
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics (Child birth & Women’s diseases)
  • Nephrology (Kidney diseases)
  • Neurological (Nerve diseases)
  • Ophthalmology (Eye diseases)
  • Orthopedics & Trauma Care, Sport Medicine
  • Pediatrics (Child diseases)
  • Physiotherapy Service
  • Psychology related Clinic
  • Pulmonology (Chest Diseases)
  • Urology (Diseases of urinary system & sex organs)
  • Family Planning Service
  • Oncology: Cancer, Chemotherapy Clinic

  • dr_abani_bhusan_upadhyaya

    Dr. Abani Bhusan Upadhyaya


  • dr_pk_yadav

    Dr. Pradip Kumar Yadav


  • dr_upendra_mahato

    Dr. Upendra Mahato


  • dr_jibnath

    Dr. Jibnath Lamichhane


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General Health Checkup


Among all the health packages we provide, our general health checkup program is designed for everyone. it has all the basic tests on parts of the body, focusing more on heart health.

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