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Location Chabahil Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Welcome to Medicare Hospital

Welcome to Medicare Hospital

Existing health service facilities in Nepal are still insufficient to meet the growing need of reliable health care. This is why a significant number of patients are going to different hospitals of neighboring countries like India and Thailand for treatment. Ultimately this causes drainage of huge amount of foreign exchange from Nepal and great inconvenience to patients and their relatives. Urgent need for establishment of well equipped and reliable health care centre of international standard has always been felt.

Our Mission

Medicare Hospital Limited is expanding its operation in various ways in order to provide better curative, preventive, and also rehabilitative facilities with latest technologies to the people at moderate and affordable cost within the country. Flow of funds out of country can be reduced.

Quality Health Care for All

Why Choose Us?

We have the dedicated Team member for the dedication 

  • Full-time senior Consultants
  • Affordability
  • Quality of Care Services
  • Accessibility
  • Advance Medicine Care
  • Financial Honesty
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